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Comfy Feet

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• Perfect your golf swing
SPM™ Magnetic Socks patented technology promotes the natural positioning of your feet and body. This improves balance and stability, helping golfers to push through the sole of the foot during the strike and follow-through phases.

• Comfort and support for your sporting performance
SPM™ Sport Line socks use magnetic technology to facilitate coordination and balance while providing comfort and support for tired muscles.

• Run to your potential and in comfort
SPM™ Sport Line socks soothe and calm tired muscles and ligaments to improve balance, comfort and help you to manage physical fatigue.

• Assists natural circulation, concentration and comfort
SPM Magnetic Socks help to maintain normal circulation, concentration and comfort for professionals, without compromising on style.

• Supports healthy circulation, correct posture, soothes aches and pains
SPM™ Magnetic socks combine graduated compression with patented magnetic technology to assist normal circulation, and correct posture.

After you try these Italian designer socks, with their patented magnetic technology, you’ll never want to wear any other socks again! 

Now available at The Golf Warehouse!

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